Fuchsienverzeichnis der Deutschen Dahlien-, Fuchsien- und Gladiolen- Gesellschaft e.V.

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The fuchsia index is a free accessable, independent and non-commercial website of the German Dahlia, Fuchsia, And Gladiolus Society (DDFGG). In charge of the fuchsia indesx is Anja Weiß, who cares for the data base. Thank you, Anja!

In the search area you browse for the name of a breed, for characters or for breeders.
You will get all data available and up to four pictures per breed.
If you like to include more data or pictures to the index, please send them by eMail (adress below).
Your support will help the Index to increase and additional information about fuchsia breeds will be available. Certainly you will keep the copyright for your pictures.

In the history area you may get some interesting information about the beginning and development of the Fuchsia Index. It has been encouraged by some committed person.

In the definition area you get some visual descriptions of fuchsia characters to explain the classification used in the Index.

If you are interested in supporting the index with information, pictures or your cooperation, please contact us via eMail: Fuchsia Index of the DDFGG

Manfried Kleinau
President of the DDFGG